Gry, które powstały w trakcie Game it out!

Latem tego roku prowadziliśmy międzynarodowy kurs projektowania gier „Game it out”, z którego relację możecie przeczytać tutaj >>>.

W ramach projektu powstało kilka gier, które udostępniamy do szerszego wykorzystania. Wszystkie gry i instrukcje są w języku angielskim, choć w specyfikacji gier zakładaliśmy, że będą one niezależne językowo. Same więc komponenty, w większości nie wymagają tłumaczenia.


What is it about:The fun game about completing sets of socks in the end reveals something important about the impact of privilege in life and our perception of it.
Learning goals:Perception of privilege, unfairness, rationalisation.
Authors:Laura Denisa, Lucie Pozníková, Martin Zeman, Rafael Duarte
Number of players:4
Time for the game (without debriefing):~15 min

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Curiosity Bricks

What is it about:Players try to collaborate and estimate the number of red bricks in previously prepared models. The trick is to not get stuck on the basic trainer suggestion about the method of estimation and figure out, you can disassemble the bricks to get the proper result.
Learning goals:Anchoring (cognitive bias), lateral thinking, curiosity, creativity, cooperation, communication, decision making.
Authors:Helena Pereira, Inês Bom, José Henriques
Number of players:2
Time for the game (without debriefing):~ 10 minutes

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Goblin Hoard

What is it about:In the game you get in the role of goblins in the shopping spree. The goal of the game is simple: to hoard as many items as you can, using any means necessary (and remember that for the goblins the ends justify any means). But is the best hoarder a real winner?
Learning goals:Role of consumerism, impact of consumption upon natural resources, shopping behavior, impact of marketing.
Authors:Joanna Keller, Artūrs Briška, Jorens Pomerancevs
Number of players:3 to 5
Time for the game (without debriefing):~ 20 minutes

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Caves and Crabs

What is it about:You are forming a group of 4 adventure seekers who decided to steal together the treasure of the dragon. The team is really well-prepared: you have the Wizard (/Sorceress), the Warrior, the Fortune-teller and the Healer. However… the dungeon of the dragon turned out to be a real maze, and the door closed behind your backs. Your fortune-teller had also a vision: in 15
minutes the dragon will wake and all of your adventures will be over. Moreover, they noticed
the crabs and ghosts that may await you in the maze.
Learning goals:Cooperation, coordination, communication, caring for each other, caring for individual
psychological well-being.
Authors:Maria Kozak, Zuzanna Sierpińska, Chițimia Adriana-Alexandra, Dănuț Florea
Number of players:4
Time for the game (without debriefing):~ 15 minutes

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Cardsharps and smugglers

What is it about:People impersonate pirates dividing their prize. They have to negotiate about the division of the diamonds.
Learning goals:Negotiating, communication, trust, creativity.
Authors:Aida-Ionela Gheorghiceanu, Jadwiga Czyżewska, Māra Bļasāne, Hana Javůrková
Number of players:3-4
Time for the game (without debriefing):~ 30 minutes

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What is it about:We are great superheroes. Who wants and needs to fight the evil villains on the dark cold night and get out of the city by using our strength and superpowers.
Learning goals:Cooperation, coordination, communication, decision making.
Authors:Georgiana Raluca, João Antunes, Nikita Golmgren, Julia Sierpińska, Tomass Gulbis
Number of players:3-6
Time for the game (without debriefing):~ 25 minutes

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